US Taekwondo's adult programs help you develop and maintain a sound body and mind, and increase you abilities at self-defense.

Exercise and Improved Well-Being

Taekwondo strengthens your body and improves you health through physical exercise and conditioning. Isometric and dynamic tension exercises will allow you to gain better muscle tone and more strength. A gradual building process of sage and easy stretching techniques will enhance flexibility, while breathing and concentration exercise lead to sharper reflexes and senses.


The US Taekwondo program helps you recognize and handle situations in which self-defense may be required. Using our completely integrated system, you can learn the techniques your need to defend yourself intelligently in threatening situations. What you learn could prevent you from becoming a victim.

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The discipline of Taekwondo leads to increased energy, better health and fitness, greater coordination, and higher self-esteem. These qualities are vital to a happier, longer life