The History and Tradition of the Haidon gumdo

The Haidong Gumdo originated in the ancient kingdom of kokuryo. In the begining Sulbongsunim, who mastered the secret of swordsmanship, established the training dojang called Samurang, and taught his disciples Gumdo.

Samurang became the origin of the Samuri in Japan. Samurangs adopted loyalty, filial piety, courtesy, justice, faithfulness, intelligence, virtue and physical soundness as their ideals for the training of the mind and body.

They served the Great King of Kwangkaeto (AD 371-384) to build a great and mighty kingdom.

In recent days, the masterJangbaikson of Kwanak mountain instructed the master Jeong-ho Kim. Master Kim is in the provess of bulding 300 dojangs in Korea and 500 dojangs outside the country.